2017 and the Last Jedi

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2017 is about to end and I am quite proud on spending most of the year working on The Last Jedi.

So I did a quick personal project and model C’ai Threnalli which appears in the Force Awaken and the Last Jedi. You can see more here.

End of 2016

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Hi, as 2016 is on the verge of finishing, I wanted to upload an image done while I was working on Star Wars.

This year, I was lucky to join ILM and worked on Rogue One. While I mainly done environment work, I did this Mon Calamari on the side.


Happy New Year to all!


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like many other out there, I have made the jump to Houdini.
I am currently learning it but I have quickly understood it strength.  will try to show some of my test.

Here is a quick boiling test using the power of vdb in Houdini. Then exported to Maya to be rendered in Vray.